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What is bubble tea?

Bubble Tea is a Taiwanese drink, and signifies a large selection of refreshing flavors of fruit and milk. The drink is served cold with various toppings, which will give you a taste experience that you will hardly forget.

Bubble Tea is very well known around Asia and has recently been introduced to America and Europe. We have a vision to share with you the unique experience from Asia.

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Tea Fusion is a Norwegian Bubble Tea brand established in 2020. With the main focus on innovation, high quality and a large selection, we want to revolutionize the way people drink and enjoy tea.

Tea Fusion is inspired by the different flavors from Asia and combines these with the Nordic ones. Join us!

Tea Set
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Our concept reflects the brand name "Tea Fusion". The word "Fusion" refers to the process or result of merging two or more things to form a new entity. By putting together different flavors and elements, mainly of the highest quality and milk, we want to create a tasty and fun drink that suits every taste.

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Our drinks

Tea Fusion offers Norwegians largest bubble tea selection of Bubble Tea:

🥛 Milk Tea
🍍 Fruit Tea
🌱 Slush Tea

We have a wide selection of drinks, to be able to adapt to every taste.

Our drinks are vegetarian & gelatin-free (with vegan options) and are imported from a leading Taiwanese company located in Germany.

Our tea is brewed fresh every day, and the drink is made to order.

Tapioca is cooked continuously and is always fresh.

With us, you also get to choose how sweet you want your drink. It is specially made for each individual customer.

#Handmade to order.

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Tea Fusion Family

With the desire to create a new world of flavors for you. And to optimize your experience, our staff has participated in the Possmei Training Program in Hamburg, Germany.

Put together your favorite Bubble Tea with us!

ABOUT: About Us

If you have any more question, do not hesitate to contact us.

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